The NBA Needs a 24-Team Playoff

The NBA Needs a 24-Team Playoff

The National Hockey League Players' Association approved a plan for on 24-team playoff format for a potential restart. Teams seeded 1-4 in each conference would get 1st round byes while seeds 5-12 would play series to get to 8 in each conference. Could this work for NBA? Jason Smith and Mike Harmon say yes on a lot of levels and if the NBA adopted the NHL plan, here are the matchups:

  • Pacers-Knicks (Knicks! YES!)
  • 76ers-Bulls
  • Nets-Hornets
  • Magic-Wizards
  • Thunder-Spurs
  • Rockets-Kings
  • Mavericks-Pelicans (Mark Cuban will complain)
  • Grizzlies-Blazers

If the NHL goes through with this, expect other leagues to follow suit.

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