Why Carson Wentz Just Started His Final Game For the Eagles

Why Carson Wentz Just Started His Final Game For the Eagles
Jason Smith: “If I was going to bet, I would say sometime in the next couple days the Eagles will announce that Jalen Hurts will start at quarterback for the Eagles for the rest of the season. Carson Wentz and the offense isn’t getting better. You can say all you want about how much money they gave up, and how he was a former MVP candidate, but it’s just not getting any better... You can see that he doesn’t have the weapons, he doesn’t have the confidence, he can’t make plays, and he can’t move the team… This was Carson Wentz’s last week to hold onto his job… They need to make the change, and they need something to spark them because they’re still only a half-game out of first place. Bill Parcells told us 30 years ago that you 'can’t spark the team by changing the left guard' so it’s going to be Jalen Hurts… John Harbaugh knew he had to make a choice between Joe Flacco and Lamar Jackson. He wanted to stay a head coach in the NFL, and knew that if he stayed with Joe Flacco and Joe Flacco stinks, then he’s gonna get fired, we’re not gonna make the playoffs, and the next coach is going to get Lamar Jackson. So what does he do? He says ‘sorry, Joe, you were great, we won the Super Bowl, it was awesome, but I’m sorry, I gotta move on and throw my weight behind Lamar Jackson.’ He did it and look where he is now?” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Jason Smith explain why he thinks Carson Wentz has just started his final game for the Philadelphia Eagles, and why he believes Doug Pederson will soon go with Jalen Hurts over Wentz the same way John Harbaugh went with Lamar Jackson over Joe Flacco in 2018.

Check out the audio above as Jason details why he thinks Pederson has to go all-in on Hurts right now, or risk going down with the Wentz ship.

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