'Pretender' Kyler Murray Has Finally Been Exposed as an Imposter

Ben Maller: “Kyler Murray is a different kind of GOAT. He’s the smelly kind with the horns… I gotta read crap about Kyler Murray for the MVP?? MY A**... Kyler Murray as an ‘MVP candidate’ never cut the mustard. At this point, he’s akin to a Coney Island sideshow. As a passer he comes up appropriately short. You can’t take him seriously, or the fanboys that prop him up in the Arizona media, or by the diabolical Cardinals fans. If Kyler Murray is unable to run and has to play with his arm, he has almost nothing, and the Cardinals have almost no chance to win… He has been exposed as an imposter when forced to win games with his arm. His goose is COOKED. Kyler has 14 games in which he didn’t rush for 40 yards. Do you know what their record is in those 14 games where Kyler has had to win games with his arm and not legs? They are 3-10-1. In games he’s rushed for under 30 yards, Arizona is 1-8-1… This guy is a PRETENDER.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Ben Maller explain why he was never on the ‘Kyler Murray for MVP’ bandwagon, and details the reasons why he thinks Murray is an ‘imposter’ altogether, as Maller thinks Murray has finally been exposed in the NFL as a fake star.

Check out the video above as Maller explains why Murray’s goose has been ‘COOKED’, and why Arizona has no chance to win games when Murray is forced to throw the ball.

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