Colin Cowherd Breaks Down Every NFL Week 2 Game in Just Three Words

Watch Colin Cowherd play his weekly ‘3-Word Game’ as Colin describes every NFL Week 2 game in just three words.

Giants at Washington Football Team – “GIANT QUESTION MARKS”

“0-2 for the fifth straight year, major offensive line issues, gave the game away with a dumb penalty late, and not good in the red zone offensively. Can Daniel Jones play? Lotta questions."

Patriots at Jets – “MAJOR JET LAG”

“Zach Wilson is the first player in the last 30 years to throw three picks in his first five attempts. Stop showing off, stop doing Johnny Manziel, take the easy completions."

Broncos at Jaguars – “TEDDY IS STEADY”

“Bridgewater is second in the entire league in completion percentage, no turnovers, and never misses a layup. Denver has really nice weapons, a tight end, running backs, the o-line is okay -- this is a top 10 roster in the league and now they have a grownup running it."

Buffalo at Miami – “NO DOLPHIN SIGHTINGS”

“The Dolphins offense is 30th in the league in yards and 31st in points. We said you better move off Tua, he's not 'special' and Josh Allen is. The Bills with Josh Allen have won six straight against Miami, scoring at least 31 points. They knew Josh Allen was giving them nightmares and they still stuck with Tua."

Niners at Eagles – “NOW THAT HURTS"

“Jalem Hurts had 53% completion percentage, and as of right now Jalen Hurts is 2-4 as a starter."

For ALL the 3-word descriptions check out the full video above.

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