A Buccaneers - Patriots Super Bowl Would Be Awesome

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v New England Patriots

Photo: Getty Images North America

Doug Gottlieb: "Has anybody thought that we can have Belichick vs. Brady in the Super Bowl? It's the awkward prom situation, where you have a couple that were together for a long time, then you get to prom and they're no longer together, and they take new dates? Belichick takes a date that looks exactly like Brady used to look (Mac Jones), whereas Brady traded in the older model for a more fun date. Have we thought of that? Can you imagine Brady versus Belichick, in the Super Bowl?!

On today's edition of The Doug Gottlieb Show, Doug explains how the result of last night's game between Buffalo and New England has made a possible Brady vs. Belichick Super Bowl more real, and how awesome it would be to actually get it!

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