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Jim Harbaugh and Colin Cowherd Discuss Their Cringeworthy 2015 Interview

Colin Cowherd: “How are you doing??” 
Jim Harbaugh: “Incredible. Doing great, Colin, I just can’t tell you how excited I am to be on the show, it’s a chance for redemption.” 
Cowherd: “[laughing] Jim, you and I are good, we’re going to be good for the rest of our life, we’re good, brother, you know I love you! You’re good with me, you leave me little notes at FOX, we’re going to be good, no problem!” 
Harbaugh: “The infamous 2015 interview! That was a clunker.”
Cowherd: “That stunk.” 
Harbaugh: “I’ve been dreaming about this day. I've been dreaming about this day, picturing it, and I’m gonna really try to bring it for you today, Colin, I want a redemption.” 
Cowherd: “We’re manifesting it because I thought about it too! I told you how bad I felt about that. I told you it was my fault, I stunk.” 
Harbaugh: “Noooo, it was mine!” 

Watch Colin Cowherd and newly hired Los Angeles Chargers head coach Jim Harbaugh playfully discuss their infamous 2015 phone interview on The Herd after Harbaugh wad first hired by his alma mater Michigan Wolverines in June of 2015, as Colin cut the interview short and hung up on the future National Championship-winning head coach after five minutes of a bland, awkward, and downright cringe-worthy interview.

Colin immediately took blame for the botched conversation the moment Cowherd cut the interview short, telling listeners 'I've been in the business ten years, folks, that was a clunker, there's nothing much I can do about that. I tried, I asked every open-ended question I could and he's got nothing to say. I love Jim Harbaugh but he had nothing to say.'

In February of 2016, during the lead-up for Super Bowl 50 between the Carolina Panthers Denver Broncos, Harbaugh made his first appearance on The Herd since the ill-fated 2015 interview and both Cowherd and Harbaugh were once again regretful of the disastrous interview.

Cowherd: 'Have you ever had a player have a bad game? Because I had a really bad interview with you. I stunk. I was terrible. I was just lousy.'

Harbaugh: 'We both had fingerprints on that.'

Cowherd: 'I've never done this on the air, I was terrible, I stunk.'

Harbaugh: 'You're being too hard on yourself. I had 50% of those fingerprints as well, but now we're connecting. That was over the phone and now we're in person.'

Check out the comical exchange from Friday's show above.

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