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Colin Cowherd Says There's No Chance LeBron Follows Bronny to Another Team

Colin Cowherd: “An NBA executive thinks LeBron James’ future is connected to his son, and says you have to have the conversation internally about drafting Bronny James if you’re a Western Conference team because it could held you land LeBron. I’m rooting for Bronny just because it looks like everyone is rooting against him, and I watched some workout video yesterday and I swear to God, it looks like Bronny has sped up his release... But I’m listening to all these teams who think they have a chance with LeBron – Phoenix, Philly... Haha, c’mon, man. He’s not leaving the Lakers. He’s not 24. This is not Tom Brady at the end of his career thinking ‘I WANT TO PROVE I CAN WIN WITHOUT BELICHICK!’... LeBron has proven he can win without everybody; coaches are irrelevant. He won without Spoelstra and Pat Riley.
LeBron is going to opt out of his contract but that’s procedural, he doesn’t wanna start over again. He’s still got another kid in high school basketball in LA and this kid is the better prospect. Winning another championship for LeBron James does nothing to his legacy and nothing to his net worth. He’s a marketing machine, he’s a billionaire, he got two in Miami, one in Cleveland, one in LA. Another one in Phoenix is not going to change anything. Even though LeBron James has won with three teams, is the all-time points leader, crushes Jordan in every statistical data point, people have made up their mind and Michael has won the hearts of America.
The idea that LeBron is going to play in Philly with often-injured Embiid, or he’s going to live in a Rent-A-House in Chandler, Arizona to play with moody KD – it's not happening. Bronny already said he’d like to chart his own path, and LeBron has said he’d like Bronny to chart his own path. You’re kidding yourself. You’re not getting LeBron. He’s not leaving. He’s posturing, it’s procedural, he’ll opt-out. He’s got the Olympics. That will add more to his legacy, frankly, make him more likeable, frankly, than winning a title a Phoenix.”

Watch Colin Cowherd of FS1’s The Herd explain why he doesn’t think there’s any chance that LeBron James follows his son Bronny James to whatever team selects him in the upcoming 2024 NBA Draft. 

Check out the segment above as Colin details why he doesn’t think LeBron has anything to add to his resume at this point when it comes to the ‘GOAT’ conversation with Michael Jordan, and says a 40-year-old LeBron would not uproot his family and businesses in Los Angeles to go play in an unfamiliar city like Phoenix or Philadelphia.

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