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Best of the Jason Smith Show with Mike Harmon

Hour 4 – More on Charles Barkley Retiring + Big Takeaways from Game 4

Jason explains that if the NBA/TNT crew stays together somewhat; the best choice to replace Charles Barkley full-time is Candace Parker. And Jason and Mike give you their big takeaways from Game 4 of The Finals.

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Hour 1 – NBA Finals Game 4 + MLB umpire Caught Gambling

Jason and Mike update Game 4 of the NBA Finals. MLB has disciplined umpire Pat Hoberg for violating the league's gambling rule. And Jason explains why nothing has changed with Dak Prescott’s contract.

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Hour 2 – NBA Finals Greatness with Ryan Hollins

Jason and Mike react to the Mavericks DOMINANT win over the Celtics in Game 4 of the NBA Finals with former 10-year NBA Vet Ryan Hollins.

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Hour 3 – Charles Barkley is Retiring + the End of Klay in the Bay

Jason and Mike react to Charles Barkley announcing that he is retiring from TV after the 2024-25 season. And Klay Thompson has unfollowed the Warriors on Instagram and deleted all Warriors-related content from his page!

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Hoops Tonight - NBA Finals Mailbag: Can Luka and the Mavs come back from 3-1 down???

Jason Timpf gives his overall thoughts on a blowout win for Luka Doncic, Kyrie Irving and the Dallas Mavericks in a must-win game 4 in Dallas. He provides his assessment of Luka’s huge game, what the path to victory looks like for Dallas, and what Boston needs to change going forward. 

3:00 - Game 4 assessment

7:45 - Luka’s performance in game 4

16:15 - Derrick Lively was clutch for Dallas

18:15 - What Boston needs to change going forward


25:00 - Is Derrick White the best role player in the league?

28:00 - Should Porzingis play in game 5?

31:00 - How do the Warriors become contenders next year?

40:00 - Who would you favor in a hypothetical game 6 in Dallas?

46:00 - Is Luka a younger James Harden?

48:00 - Thoughts on Luka/Carmelo comp made by Colin Cowherd?

52:00 - 2020 Lakers or 2024 Celtics?

55:00 - Did Joe Mazulla crack the code for stopping Luka?

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Daniel Cormier TV - Daniel Cormier REACTS to Conor McGregor OFFICIALLY being RULED OUT of UFC 303 with injury

Daniel Cormier gives his INSTANT REACTION to Dana White's major announcement: Conor McGregor is no longer able to fight Michael Chandler at UFC 303 due to an injury. DC dives into what's next for both McGregor and Chandler, and gives his take on what he's heard leading up to the decision. And don't miss Cormier's thoughts on Alex Pereira vs. Jiri Prochazka 2 and the rest of the UFC 303 fight card revealed by Dana White Thursday. #Volume #Herd

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Best Of The Odd Couple

Chris Broussard and Rob Parker talk shop on the Caitlin Clark discourse and make their claims on why Clark should not have to jump into all the malcontents. Plus, Chris and Rob discuss Jayson Tatum and the Celtics championship run, Tom Brady claiming QB's are going backwards, and much more!!

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Hour 1 - Caitlin Clark Doesn't Need To Be An Activist, She Is Only 22!

Chris Broussard & Rob Parker discuss the major discourse involving Caitlin Clark and debate why she doesn't need to be an activist.

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Hour 2 - Jayson Tatum Right And Wrong?!

Chris Broussard and Rob Parker talk about Jayson Tatum's recent comments and discuss what the Celtics championship run should be talked about once they win.

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